Carla’s fur drama in Hong Kong and how PAKT saved the day!

“I never realised what humidity could do to fur in HK … What do you do with a fur coat that is stained and damaged?  PAKT saved the day!” Carla told us.

Q: So what is your PAKT fur story?

One of my best friends in the US inherited this huge fox fur coat and as she doesn’t like or wear fur, she passed it on to me and I was thrilled.  But it’s not the kind of coat that I had many opportunities to wear, living in HK.  Not unless I was planning to go to Siberia in January…which I never did but even worse, it made me look huge!  See Rihanna wearing a very similar coat below.

I knew that storing the fur at home with the humidity wasn’t a good idea but couldn’t think of too many options.  But I thought if I got it slightly altered, that might just make it more wearable.  The alterations lady removed the sleeves and shoulder pads but it still didn’t feel right and I just couldn’t find the opportunity to wear it.

I’m the kind of girl however who if I don’t have an occasion to wear something,  I will create the occasion for it  Voila,  I decided to have a “Movie Characters” themed birthday party and go as Cruella De Vil with fur and stiletto heels.

I parted my hair in the middle and used black hair spray on one side and white on the other.  I made a big splash at the party and was happy partying…until…I stared with horror at myself in the mirror and saw that the left side of my coat collar was all stained in black!

In the shock, I stupidly tried to wash it off with a towel and water.  Not a good idea as the coat didn’t seem to dry out very well and I guess the humidity had gotten to it already.  Anyway, in a couple of days, patches of fur started to fall from the coat collar…

I knew that I would not be able to wear it like that and really didn’t know what to do until I spoke to PAKT, a wardrobe concierge to collect and store it for me.  I wasn’t quite ready to give it away!

PAKT did a brilliant job – PAKT not only took a professional mannequin photo of it and added it to my online catalogue but gave me a condition report and kindly offered to introduce me to a furrier who could restore and restyle the garment.  PAKT accompanied me to the furrier as he did not speak much English and helped me explain the situation.

The furrier was professional and very patient and suggested that we cut the coat shorter and use the spare fur to rebuild the collar.  A couple of weeks later it was ready and I am so happy with the results.  You can see the before and after pictures of the coat.

Before                                                      After

Q:  So after the PAKT TLC… did it become a new coat?  Tell us what it looks like now.

I love the result, the collar looks perfect again and with the short style I can wear it next winter, even here in HK.

Q:   Could you tell us more about PAKT’s end to end service?

I was dying to see the coat but just didn’t have the time to collect the coat myself so PAKT collected, paid for it and delivered it to my office.  The process was seamless and customer service attentive, personal and reliable.

Q:   Please tell me more about yourself.

 I am a Personal Stylist with a very hectic lifestyle rushing all over HK working with private clients, boutiques and managing events.

carla      Carla SnajderScreen Shot 2016-04-29 at 10.38.40 am

I assist private individuals such as professionals and socialites with their wardrobes and do a lot of personal shopping for them in Hong Kong and in Singapore.   I also organise events regularly in collaboration with other lifestyle brands in both countries.

I have a big walk in closet at my home in HK but I don’t like to have my attention diverted by clothes that are out of season when I am getting ready in the mornings.  I hate the feeling of all that ‘seasonal’ clutter so even though things happen/ change very quickly in my life ( last minute trips/ events, etc) .. ,  I am comfortable knowing that PAKT really delivers an excellent bespoke service and can also deliver items at short notice when I need them, in fact on demand.

Q:   Any other words of advice or…?

Yes! I am so very impressed with PAKT’s customer service and love their vision about expert clothing care combined with all the convenience of a digital wardrobe. I have been raving about it non stop to clients and friends.

Now winter is over I will have it collected and safely stored by PAKT until I travel to a cold climate country again. Perhaps NYC for Xmas… PAKT just emailed me that they have a special fur offer and if you do it in the next month, you get a free month’s storage.

(Please note that some of these images are not owned by Wardrobe Therapy by Pakt and are the brilliant work of individual artists…)

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