How many terrible mould stories have you heard?

It’s now June. Summer has finally arrived in Hong Kong, and although humidity is slightly lower than it was in Spring, it is still over 80 per cent average humidity most days.

Humidity is what makes the air feel like a sauna, full of wet steam. Mould thrives in places of high humidity and warmth like walls, inside your wardrobe and even in your shoes. The damper and warmer an area is, the better for those mould spores. Keeping clothing dry and mould free in this weather can be challenging.

Now, what does mould really do? How does it affect us in everyday life? A few friends shared their recent experiences with me:

My best friend got married a couple of weeks ago and the weather was miserable, wet and humid.  I’ve always told myself I would never subject my friends to a summer wedding unless it’s a beach wedding because it is so uncomfortable to wear a formal suit. A few days before the wedding I took my favourite suit out just to see if it needed a pressing. The moment I took it out, I could smell the problem.  It was pretty disgusting to see the suit covered with mould and I kicked myself for not having been more careful.

Picture 3

I only bought this Boss suit last summer and it was not cheap – more importantly though it fit me so well – I am pretty fussy about my clothes when I bother to dress up.   Can’t afford another suit like that and just wished I had looked after my stuff…ended up borrowing a friend’s suit for the wedding which actually fits me pretty well.  Anyway the wedding was a blast and maybe I should keep my friend’s suit…

Jonathan, age 31, Engineer


 I am a new mother with an adorable baby girl. I have been receiving lots of baby clothes from friends ever since I first got pregnant. Some of them were brand new, some were only worn once or twice.  But I was most looking forward to inheriting my sister’s cache of great baby clothes, luckily she had had both a boy and girl and really spent a fortune on her daughter Jessica’s clothes!  She had carefully packed everything away two years ago and promised to send them to me after I got out of hospital. Picture 2

Tragedy!  She called a couple of days ago to say she got them out of box storage and everything had gotten mouldy and nothing could be saved.  I couldn’t believe it – the humidity in HK is so high that storage is not safe for really nice clothes unless you have 24/7 air-conditioning.  And for my sister to throw all those expensive clothes away, Bonpoint, Jacadi, I knew it was bad.  This episode made me think about my evening gowns and other favourite dresses I haven’t worn in the last 9 months… will they have survived the humidity?

Rebecca, age 28, Designer


 I love my cocktail dresses and work out like crazy to stay fit so I still wear a lot of the dresses I bought 7 years ago (one baby later). I buy them in vintage shops and sample sales and have also been given a few great dresses by bosses who also had babies but changed their size.  Each dress is kinda like a friend and I colour code them in my wardrobe.  But I have to admit that there are a number of items that I forget about and they usually end up crammed together in the back of the wardrobe.  Last week I was invited to Agency of the Year Award and thought my company might pick up an award so I wanted to dress up.  It was Black Tie and I decided to wear a fabulous Givenchy dress. I went to the pink section of my wardrobe and found my favourite dress right at the back…covered in mould. Some of the stains were really dark and there was no way that I could wear it for the event. I will try Jeeves and hope they can rescue the dress, but not sure if I’ll ever wear it again.

Picture 1

Obviously this isn’t me, and of course it wasn’t the dress I ended up wearing to the Awards ceremony after all the mould ruined it.

Angelica, age 36, Marketing Manager

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pakt clean room

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