Summer Fabric Guide – Silk

Silk has always been a classic go-to fabric of choice for fashion brands and designers around the world. Few other fabrics can compare to its elegant beauty and sensuous feel.  This is a fabric that evokes glamour and splendour — which explains why it is so often used for formal gowns and luxury items. While once a rarity, today silk can be found in many of our wardrobes — it’s comfortable, luxurious, and light.

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How many terrible mould stories have you heard?

It’s now June. Summer has finally arrived in Hong Kong, and although humidity is slightly lower than it was in Spring, it is still over 80 per cent average humidity most days.

Humidity is what makes the air feel like a sauna, full of wet steam. Mould thrives in places of high humidity and warmth like walls, inside your wardrobe and even in your shoes. The damper and warmer an area is, the better for those mould spores. Keeping clothing dry and mould free in this weather can be challenging.

Now, what does mould really do? How does it affect us in everyday life? A few friends shared their recent experiences with me:

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Bespoke women’s wear and bridal gown designer Lisa Redman shares the rules for storing your wedding dress after your big day! 

We all know that your wedding dress really is the most important dress you will ever invest in,and usually the most expensive too! 

Not only is it the most beautiful gown that you have ever worn, it also holds the memories of a lifetime.

Dress designer: Lisa Redman Photographer: Serena Bolton

So taking good care of such a treasured garment is a must if you are keen to preserve them as a future heirloom or simply to reflect on a day like no other. 

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Baby- it’s getting mouldy in here…


It is that time of the year in Hong Kong when humidity rises above 70% and everything feels just a little bit damp. It’s getting warm too…perfect conditions for mould to enter our lives…and into our clothes.  You can’t escape the humidity and neither can your clothes.  So how do we tackle mould?  More importantly, how can we prevent mould setting in?  Because once you get mould, it’s difficult to get rid of!

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Leather Care 101

In Hong Kong, one of the problems that we all face with leather items is our fight against humidity.  As we race through the early part of the year (this year has sped by so fast has it not?), we are getting into the humid and sorry to remind you, wet months.  How many times have you picked up a pair of shoes, a hand bag, a leather jacket, leather trousers, dress or skirt and found that nasty green mould on it.  The smell too!.  You think a good wipe with a damp cloth to clean away the green stuff and then pat dry will get rid of the problem but unfortunately, mould is stubborn and comes back.

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The sun is starting to come out and we look towards packing up our winter wardrobe and getting some much needed space back into our lives...  One of the quintessentially classic items of winter wear is fur that exudes elegance, luxury and wealth.  Let’s be honest, a fur also does come with a hefty price tag and is definitely an investment. 

Furs are all about luxury, elegance, wealth and class…

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